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What are presets?

Presets save a ton of time when editing a photo and can make a huge difference to how your photo looks. They work similar to how a photo filter works, when you apply a preset to your photos, it will automatically adjust all of the settings to achieve a particular look.  The presets we have for sale are exactly the same as what we use to edit our photos on our Instagram @twosometravellers

I haven’t used Lightroom before, can I still use your presets?

Of course! Our presets are also for beginners and we include both PDF and video step by step guides on how to install and apply.

Why use a preset for my photos?

Presets save a lot of time when editing and also allow you to create a consistent theme across your photos. It can also allow you to experiment with different looks for the same images, for example if you applied a preset from our desert collection in comparison to a preset from our Moody collection, it will give it a complete different look on the same photo.

When will I receive the presets once I have purchased?

Instantly! As soon as you have checked out, the downloadable link will appear on the order page, you will also receive an email with a downloadable link with everything needed to get going. Please note the email link will expire after 30 days, so we recommend making back ups of the zip folder.

I only have a mobile phone. Do I need a professional camera to use your presets?

Not at all, our presets can work with all types of cameras including a mobile or even a GoPro!


What else comes with your presets?

Aside from your chosen preset pack/s you will also receive:

  • Step by step PDF installation guide

  • Step by step Video installation tutorial

  • *BONUS* video tutorial on how to use these presets effectively (example of how to use the preset collection)


When will I receive the preset packs and how do I download?

Once you have made your purchase, an order confirmation page will appear with a downloadable link shown. Double click and you're good to go. Follow the PDF and Video tutorials for further information. Alternatively email


What currency do you use?

The online shop will automatically default to USD however if you are purchasing in a different currency please do not worry as PayPal will convert.

Do I have to have a PayPal Account?

No, follow the steps within PayPal and checkout as a Guest!

What is the difference between mobile and desktop presets?

Our desktop presets are designed mainly for use on RAW images or high quality JPEG images. Mobile presets are designed using the same preset, but altered accordingly for JPEG and mobile images for quicker editing on a phone. Mobile presets will not work as well on desktop editing. If you like to use both mobile and desktop, we recommend checking out our bundle options which offer significant savings on purchasing both mobile & desktop presets together. 

Please note that these mobile presets are not compatible with the desktop version of Lightroom, just as our desktop presets are not compatible with mobile.

Will your presets work with just one click?

Our presets are designed to save you time on editing, and YES, sometimes with just one click! Of course it always depends on your own individual editing style or the settings you shot your photo in what camera. You may decide to make tweaks using the in built tools within Lightroom. Usually this might be a small tweak of just the exposure (from experience!),


What editing programme is used for your presets?

Adobe Lightroom, if you do not currently have lightroom installed you can visit Adobe and install.

Do I have to shoot RAW for your presets to work?

Our desktop presets are designed to achieve the best results on RAW photos as it gives you access to all the data available in the photo, however if you shoot JPEG the preset will still work.

How do I Install your presets on dekstop?

Very simply! Our Desktop Preset collections each come with a step by step PDF and video installation guide which takes you through the process on how to import the presets into Lightroom.


Which app do I need to download onto my phone?

You will need to download the Lightroom app (free) from the App store or Google play.

Do I have to pay to sign up to Adobe Lightroom Classic CC to use the mobile app?

No! You will need to download Lightroom CC to your mobile device before installing these presets. You do not need to pay for a subscription, just sign up to Adobe and you're ready to install the presets and start editing!

Do these presets work on iphone / Android images?

Yes the mobile presets are designed to work on both JPEG and mobile phone images. However you may need to make minor adjustments depending on the image and how it was shot. Top tip, target the exposure and highlights first.

How are these imported in to the LR (Lightroom) app?

You will receive a detailed installation guide by both PDF and by video showing you exactly what you need to do. It is very simple! If you do need any help we are always here to assist with the downloads and you can contact us at @travel.preset or email us at


Our presets are digital goods and cannot be returned, we are unable to issue refunds.  You will have the product forever and will be able to use it for free forever, if you have any issues please get in touch with us at @travel.preset or email us at

All prices are in USD$

We recommend you back up your Presets to a hard drive or another location.

Happy editing! A + J x

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