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We are often asked for tips and recommendations on accommodation and flight bookings, where to find the cheapest deals, and who we would recommend booking through.

Below is a list of websites that we genuinely use on a daily basis to guide on pricing and finding the best location deals.

Some of the below are affiliate links which means we get a small commission for our recommendation. The price is exactly the same as if you were to book directly through the relevant site.  We can't thank you enough for your continued support whilst we work to bring you inspirational content from around the world!


This is our go to for hotels, resorts, homestays and hostels. It's the best place to check out reviews,

with the ability to filter to your price range, and sort by cost and/or top reviewed accommodation. If you book with this link we get a small commission for recommending, we are always very grateful if you could use this link if you do book through them!



This is what we call a win win! You get $55 off on a first time booking, and we get $25 credit when you complete a stay.

Airbnb is awesome, particularly if we want to experience somewhere a bit more like a local.

Some places tend to favour using airbnb and can work out very cheap, also works out better for longer term stays!







World Nomads was created for travelers, by travelers. 

They have a 24 hour, 7 day a week emergency line which is just peace of mind for us when we are on the road.

The link above will take you to their page where you can get an price for either a one off trip, or annual cover like us. 









Our number one site for comparing flights across different airlines. This comparison site gives you information on prices to and from anywhere in the world, and will give you cheapest, and the most convenient way of travelling somewhere.  If you have some time off and are not sure where to go, it also gives you the cheapest destination to travel to from your home airport, an awesome tool for some inspiration if you're not fussed where you go!


No doubt most of you have heard of Uber, in some places this is the number one method of travel and getting around locally and cheaply.

We use this wherever possible, as long as it is available and often it is just as cheap as getting some public transport, particularly as there is two of us


Grab is very popular across Asia and works out very cheap for getting around locally, an alternative to Uber. Download the app and use it the same as Uber.




This is where we purchase a lot of our photography and videography gear from.  We have a lot of questions around who takes our photos, we use a tripod which we purchased from Amazon - you can find it here. or a full list on all our equipment you can check that out here.


We get a lot of of our travel inspiration and places to visit from Lonely Planet online and their ebooks. You can search by destination or by Region to give some inspiration of places of interest!

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