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We have been travelling for the past 4 years, and we can honestly say we’ve learned the value of finding travel resources. This includes everything from packing essentials, to finding the apps to use on the road, and utilising third party sites to find the best flight and accommodation deals!

We use these resources on the daily, and would not recommend anything that we have not tried and tested ourselves, that has actually saved us money or we have found really useful.

Disclaimer: Some of the links below will contain affiliate links. if you decide to make any purchases through one of our links we will earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you) We only ever list and recommend companies that we honestly use and have found to be extremely helpful and useful! Thank you so much for your support.


Samsonite Luggage

We started using Samonsite luggage when our JEEP hardcases packed up. We love our samsonite cases, we use one hard case and one soft case, both have lots of pockets and sections which we also use in conjunction with our packing cubes (packing cube info below)

Samsonite Rewind soft suitcase - 113L

(This is our personal favourite over the hard case)

Antler Juno Hardcase 




Kapten & Son Backpack

We both have two of their backpacks each as we love them so much!

James loves his Aarhus all black backpack with the Wndrd packing cube that fits

perfectly into.

I have the small Lohja in rust red backpack which is perfect for an evening out

as well as a day trip on our travels, I also have the Umea all black backpack

which fits our vlogging camera, water etc.








Airplane pillows

We both have our memory foam pillows and they are so comfortable!

Especially good for long haul flights and nay longer train or bus journeys.


Packing cubes

We were never, ever a packing cube fan and did not buy into buy them 

until we were given 2 free ones from a DJI event! We started using them for

smaller bits like bikinis and underwear, and now we are both totally sold on them!

They are so good for keeping items together, and easy repacking

from place to place, These cheap and cheerful ones from

Amazon, they are serious value for money! 

Reusable water bottle

We’re big on using a reusable water bottle whenever we are able to,

we have tried a few different ones and think the Frank Green options 

are the best we have found. They come in lots of different sizing

including smaller coffee sized ones, we have the bigger water

ones for days out and they’re great. S'well bottles are another great option,

they keep water cold and hot for 24 +hours and love taking

these on days out too. We have tried some and they have leaked

which isn’t ideal when travelling with camera gear!




This is a potentially very big list, but we will link our most used equipment.

Panasonic Lumix GH5

We love the Panasonic Lumix GH5, it's amazing for both photo and video

and can use Olympus lenses with the Panasonic body.




DJI Mavic Pro Drone

We love the DJI Mavic Pro, it has obstacle avoidance and the photo

quality is fantastic. We opted for the Combo kit which gives you

everything you need as a starter kit (batteries, remote, etc)

There is the upgraded version now that DJI have released called

the DJI Mavic 2 Pro which has some additional features. 

Go Pro 8 (for underwater shots)

You can't go wrong with the Go Pro Hero 8 for underwater shots.

We started years ago with our Go Pro 4, and have since owned

the Go Pro 5, 6, 7, and now 8! Always guaranteed to capture those

underwater moments for both photo and video.

Underwater housing dome for Go pro

We like to use a protective housing for the Go pro 8. There are

many Go pro accessories available to purchase such as straps,

mounts for chest straps, wrist straps, head straps etc.

Camera cube (that fits perfectly with Kapten & son backpacks)

We love the Wandrd Camera cube, lots of compartments, and also has

velcro that you can move about to change the inside shapes.

There is also outside zips for things like SD cards etc, they perfectly fit

with the Aarhus Kapten backpack too (see above)

Canon M50 (Our vlogging camera)

We love this from our vlogging, it's more lightweight than the GH5 which

can be pretty heavy to hold for longer periods of filming, we have found the

Canon to keep great focus, it's compact and sleek and we are still able to

change lenses. We swapped the standard lense for the XX for a wider angle view.

Manfrotto Tripod 

We are currently using the Manfrotto Be Free tripod, however as a beginner

we used a standard tripod such as this Manfrotto tripod ideal for travel.

Gorilla stand (Joby Gorilla pod)

This is the tripod we use for our vlogging camera, so that we don't 

have to try and hold the camera the whole time. It can wrap around

objects for a different point of view and is the best $60 we have spent!






We book the majority of our hotels through site, it’s the easiest to use and has really useful reviews. Once you use it a number of times, you also building discounts, as an example, every time we now book with we also get 10-15% off our entire stay as we have booked with them so many times!

You can find hotel details here using this link if you would like to browse what’s available.


We sometimes use Agoda if we are travelling through Asia and can’t find anything on


Airbnb is our go to if we would somewhere with a kitchen as well, we find it really useful and a money saver to have a kitchen as we tend to save money by cooking, rather than eating out all of the time. Use our link for $76 off your first stay!


This is similar to airbnb and has other options if you are struggling to find anything through airbnb.

Trusted Housesitters

We use trusted housesitters sometimes, it has been going since 2010 and connects home and pet owners with pet sitters who will go and look after their home and pets for free, in exchange for a place to stay. This can sometimes be a short stay like a few days, to a longer term stay, sometimes for months!


This works similar to housesitters, Couchsurfing is a service that helps traveling members find a place to stay or share a home with locals. (It is similar to staying in a private room on airbnb.)


Obsessed with skyscanner! We use this EVERY SINGLE TIME we search for flights. There are other sites such as momondo, and kayak, but we have always found skyscanner to give the best and cheapest options.




This site offers a relocation holiday which is the most affordable way to see Australia, New Zealand and USA and Canada.  Some of the major campervan and car rental companies need help to relocate their vehicles from different cities around the Country eachday. You can see a whole list of available campervans and cars then need moving and book them for the duration allowed. It usually costs $1 per day! We did this from South Australia to Western Australia and had the most incredible roadtrip.


One of the most useful and helpful tools we have ever used when road tripping around New Zealand.  We relied on this app every day to tell us where the closest petrol station was, where we can pick up groceries, best camping spots, which ones are paid and which are free. It has a whole load of other services as well like where to fill up water, points of interest etc.


Camplify has done really well in Australia, and is now starting up in the UK. It connects people who would like to hire a campervan, caravan, motorhome or trailer with current owners. It is kind of like an airbnb but for RV and motorhomes. We hope to use this in the UK soon!

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