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11 Must-do activities in Las Vegas

Las Vegas isn’t just all gambling, on our trip to this desert oasis we were surprised at just how many awesome attractions and activities there are to visit and do! The minute you step off the plane you know you are in a unique place. Leaving the airport and taking a drive down the Vegas strip there is a feeling of excitement and buzz quite like no other, it surprised us is so many ways.

Eiffel tower on Las Vegas Strip

If you’re searching what to do in Vegas other than gamble, then keep reading as we will share 11 epic experiences other than sitting at the slot machines!

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Must do activities in Las Vegas

1. Ride the high roller
High Roller Las Vegas

Lets start with seeing the strip from up high, on a budget! This gigantic ferris wheel is like being on a bigger version of the London eye or Singapore Flyover. The individual pods are HUGE and if you luck out, you might just get one to yourselves like we did. You'll have sweeping 360-degree views of the Las Vegas Valley and The Strip, the wheel takes around 30 minutes to complete one revolution, the city lights are mind-blowing at the top!

We recommend buying your tickets in advance to avoid any queues when you get there.