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24 practical ways to manage your expenses whilst on a road trip!

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Is there anything better than popping your favourite track onto Spotify and heading off on a road trip to somewhere new? If you’re anything like us, the very thought of this will get you pumped to jump onto planning your next vacation! We all deserve some time for adventures, but we also know that sometimes the costs of planning a trip can quickly add up!

We have taken many, many road trips both domestically and internationally. Each time we prepare to make sure our costs don’t get out of control, while still making sure we have the best time possible!

We have put together a comprehensive list of practical tips that will help you make money-smart decisions on the road.

Prep and planning

Consider your costs

The first thing we do for every road trip (whether it’s a short road trip for a week, or for an extended period of time) is set a budget and do your very best stick to it!

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