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The Ultimate guide to 10 days in Japan 2022 - Osaka, Kyoto & more!

Our trip started in Osaka, we then headed West towards the island of Kyushu including a number of places along the way, with Fukuoka as our final destination.

If you're looking for a full itinerary in Japan including Osaka, Kyoto and some other epic cities then you have absolutely come to the right place! We spent 10 days in Japan, exploring some of the cities and regional areas and have put together a FULL ITINERARY of everything you need to know, places of interest to visit, where to eat in Japan and how to get around in this beautiful Country.


International transport

We flew with Singapore Airlines to Japan with a transit via Singapore.

Here are some indication on flight times from departing around the world:

  • Flying from Sydney Australia to Tokyo Japan takes just 10 hours on a direct flight, with more than 5 flights leaving per day.

  • Flying from London England to Tokyo Japan takes 13 hours on a direct flight with more than 5 flights leaving per day.

  • Flying from Los Angeles California to Tokyo Japan takes 12 hours on a direct flight 12 hours with more than 5 flights leaving per day.

Domestic transport

There are a number of ways to get between the cities of Japan with the main modes of transport being the following:

JR Pass – This is a very cost effective way of traveling long distance in Japan. The pass can only be used by foreign tourists and can be used on bullet trains.

ICOCA card - a rechargeable contactless smart card used on JR West rail network in Japan


This is a full 10 day itinerary through Japan starting in Osaka and travelling towards west Japan, including a trip to Kyoto. The trip will end in foodie heaven, the city of Fukuoka with a number of stops along the way.