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JAPAN TRAVEL TRIPS: 17 Things to know when planning your trip in 2022

Japan is the perfect mix of old and new. It has retained so much of its traditional ways, yet it has absorbed many western influences over time creating an incredibly unique culture. There are ancient temples, castles, and shrines to visit, there are many different types of Japanese foods to try, usually in an exciting and unique restaurant or food stall! The Japanese people are incredibly warm and welcoming, and depending on the area in Japan it is possible to experience an entirely different trip, a city getaway, a ski-holiday, a mountain hiking trip, Japan has it all… even sandy beaches! These are 17 tips to help when planning your trip to Japan!

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What currency is used there?

Japanese Yen ¥ (Nov 2022 conversion)

1 GBP = ¥160

1 AUD = ¥90

1 USD = ¥145

1 EUR = ¥140

How expensive is Japan?

Japan can be portrayed as being one of the most expensive Countries in the world, and whilst it can be if you were to stay at luxury hotels, eat out in posh restaurants every night and do a lot of activities, there are definitely ways to reduce the costs!

Here is a breakdown of average costs that we found on our trip:

Eating (USD$)