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How to enjoy a trip to the Yasawa Islands Fiji in 5 days

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Your eyes will struggle to take it all in!

The intense blue sea, the tall leaning palms, the idyllic hammocks that line the beach, the beach-lazers - book-in-hand. This place was living up to its name. Paradise.

Fiji has been on our bucket list since basing ourselves in Sydney, only a short 4 hour flight directly into Nadi airport. We bagged ourselves cheap flights in Jetstar's sale - $400 return flight per person.

Choosing the Yasawa islands

Fiji is made up of 333 islands, with the main land being Vitu Levi where the main international airport is based in Nadi.

We decided on the Yasawa Islands as we had a short 5 day trip, they were convenient being only a few hours from the Marina. They are also renowned as being home to some of the clearest waters and finest sands in the world.

How to get to the islands

Paradise Cove resort is located on Naukacuvu Island in the Yasawa Island chain and can be reached by boat, seaplane and helicopter. We boarded the Yasawa Flyer at Denarau Marina which can be booked online, this departed at 08:30am and we arrived at the resort just before midday. You are looking at around $200AUD for a return trip.

Along the way the scenery is nothing short of spectacular. Passing the Mamanuca Islands on the way raised excitement levels as we watched guests board a smaller boat to take them to their final destination.

Taker a little break from reading to watch our time in Fiji here!

Arriving at Paradise Cove Resort

Most of Fiji's islands are resort based. Our arrival into Paradise Cove was extra-special!

We climbed into a smaller boat that took us ashore Paradise Cove’s sands, greeted to singing, guitar playing and dancing members of staff. The smiles all round were infectious!

How to spend your days

If you are on a budget, make the most of the activities on offer at no additional cost:

- Yoga

- Snorkelling

- Hand line fishing

- Discover Scuba

- Sunset bar and nibbles

- Kava tasting - this is a local drink made by crushed down tree roots, usually saved for special occasions, it can make your lips feel all tingly!

- Kayaking

- Basket weaving

- Massage

There are also other options at an extra charge including snorkelling and diving trips, as well as boat trips to the local islands to experience the local culture and learn more about Fijian way of life.

Most island resorts are all inclusive, with Paradise Cove being no different. Every day we looked forward to a mouth-watering breakfast, lunch and dinner. The staff cannot do enough to ensure your comfort and happiness, dinner is a 5 course treat - amuse bouchon, entrée, sorbet, main and desert, delicious and locally grown veg and fruit, with freshly caught fish and imported meats. Whilst breakfast caters to all tastes, pastries, breads and fruit, eggs, bacon and home-made pancakes.

Evenings at Paradise Cove

Join the staff in drinking 'Kava', a local drink made from ground-down tree roots. A traditional drink usually saved for special occasions, but apparently enjoyed here on a daily basis! They are also excited to share with you their local dance and singing traditions, held in the evening by the pool - a chance to soak up the beautiful Fijian culture and have some fun with a beer or two.

Would we visit again?

But really, aside from all the amazing resort offerings, the true heart and soul of this place really is the staff. Why? Because they are a family. And when you visit, you become part of their family. Not only do they remember your name, they remember your breakfast choices from 2 days ago, the activity you told them about yesterday, and how you like to have your coffee. This is the real reason we would return to this special place.

As always, all opinions are our own

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