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How to budget for your road trip in 2020 – NSW road trip itinerary

Who doesn’t love a road trip? Having the opportunity to spend an unlimited time at a magical place, making wonderful memories with your loved ones, and of course, the adventure! Whilst a road trip provides so much freedom, it is important to plan in advance a few things that might just help make it a smoother trip, so that all you need to worry about is having a good time.

Picking a destination

Researching possible destinations is always our favourite part. There are so many research tools available now such as Instagram, Pinterest, travel blogs, YouTube, so the options for trip planning are pretty much endless. We tend to gather all of the information, put it together on a map and make decisions on what is viable within the timeframe we have, and also what is going to make sense in terms of budget. Looking at specifics such as potential attractions is also key, checking out what free activities we can enjoy in the area and also what can we enjoy within our budget.

Plan for the unexpected

If 2020 has highlighted anything, it is to be prepared for the unexpected. Plans change and it is good to have financial back up in case they do. Thanks to American Express’ new feature Plan It™ Instalments, we were able to fly back to Australia and book a five week Australian road trip. Plan It allows you to pay off your credit card balance across a period that is convenient and flexible for you, with periods ranging from three, six, nine or twelve months, with zero percent interest, and a fixed monthly fee. It has meant that we have been able to prep well for this trip at short notice, plan for all our upcoming activities and just enjoy a true Aussie adventure without any financial stress!

It is available now to eligible American Express consumer Credit Card Members. Set up is easy in three simple steps, just by logging into your Amex account online or through the Amex app.