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How to travel Singapore on a budget?

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Singapore is one of the most unique cities you can visit and is considered one of the cleanest and safest Countries, with so many culturally rich activities on offer. However, it's not the most friendliest on the purse strings! We will share our tips on how to see see this beautiful city on a budget by making a few plans ahead and researching where it is possible to save some cash!

As a general rule, for a budget to mid range expect to spend on average $70 - 100 USD per day based on two people. If you're travelling alone, this will look more like $50-80 USD per day based on a similar situation. This would be based on staying at a hostel, eating at some of the Hawker style markets and food centres, enjoying the free and cheap activities, using local transportation or short Grab journeys and being smart on enjoying a beer during happy hours!

For reference, $1 Singapore dollar is equivalent to $0.70 USD // $1.04 AUD // £0.60 GBP

Jewel Changi airport
Jewel Singapore Changi Airport

Accommodation and alcohol top trumps as the most expensive components to consider, if you can save some money here then you can easily live within this budget per day.

Let's tackle the big costs first...


This will dramatically impact your budget. Our first steps are to check and for the cheapest deals. Here are our top suggestions based on location and overall value for money: