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The Most Scenic train journey in Asia! Journey from Kandy to Ella Sri Lanka

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

This Sri Lankan train journey has been quoted as the most scenic journey in the world! We wanted to check this out for ourselves and so made our way from Sigiriya down to Kandy. 

Worth the hype?

YES. In our opinion, the journey entirely lived up to expectations. The views really are jaw dropping from the windows and doorways.

One moment it's tea plantations, local villages and greenery for miles, to huge cliff drops, dense forest and even ocean glimpses. 

Where can I board the train?

We boarded the train at Kandy station, Kandy station is very central making it easy to get to from all hotels in Kandy. The train runs throughout Sri Lanka, with the Kandy to Ella stretch being the most interesting and scenic part.

What stop should I get off at?

Many riding the train in the Kandy to Ella direction do the entire stint in one go, however there are many stops along the way that serve locals and other tourist points.

   Hatton - we found this to be a busy station with many tea plantations here.  This would a quieter experience than some of the busier Hill Country destinations.

Nurawa Eliya - this is a popular stop for many tourists. It is about half way between Kandy and Ella taking around 3-4 hours from Kandy.  Many break up the trip to Ella by stopping here and experiencing some of the tea plantations and surrounding areas, with enough to keep you busy for 2-3 days.

Ella - Usually, this is the final destination for tourists wanting to spend time in the Hill Country.

Do I need to buy in advance?

We purchased our tickets directly at the station on the same day we were travelling. You can try and pre-book through your hotel or by visiting the station the day before you intend to travel. We would recommend pre-booking if you wish travel 1st class, otherwise same-day purchasing should be no problem.

Which class of ticket should I buy?