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Spending a day on Okunoshima bunny island Japan, how to get there and what to expect!

Is any trip to Japan really complete without a trip to bunny island? Hundreds of wild bunnies live on Okunoshima island also known to tourists as Rabbit island, it is very easy to reach if you are travelling to Hiroshima.

This awesome trip is the perfect day trip from Hiroshima (only 2 hours by train) or if you are travelling the other way from Onimichi it’s around 45 mins by train. A visit to Okunoshima rabbit island can even be extended to an overnight trip if desired, they have a hotel bookable on the actual island.

Here is everything you need to know to make a perfect day trip to bunny island including:

  • How to get to Okunoshima island from Onomichi and Hiroshima

  • Budget and what you can expect to spend for a day trip

  • What to expect when you get there

If you prefer to watch a VLOG, you can use this link to watch our entire day on our Youtube channel.

From Onimichi station

Take the JR Sanyo Line to Mihara (12 mins), change here for the JR Kure Line to Tadano-Umi station (25 mins). If you have a JR pass use this. (or will cost around ¥500)

From Hiroshima station

You can take the Shinkansen bullet train to Mihara Station which will take 50 minutes and is the quickest way to get there. Without the Shinkansen, you can take the JR Sanyo line from Hiroshima to Mihara, then change train for the JR Kure line to Tadano-Umi station - this is slower and will take around 1hr 45 but will be a lot cheaper. Use your JR pass or costs are roughly: Shinkansen - ¥3,610, Local lines - ¥1,340)