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Spending a day on Okunoshima bunny island Japan, how to get there and what to expect!

Is any trip to Japan really complete without a trip to bunny island? Hundreds of wild bunnies live on Okunoshima island also known to tourists as Rabbit island, it is very easy to reach if you are travelling to Hiroshima.

This awesome trip is the perfect day trip from Hiroshima (only 2 hours by train) or if you are travelling the other way from Onimichi it’s around 45 mins by train. A visit to Okunoshima rabbit island can even be extended to an overnight trip if desired, they have a hotel bookable on the actual island.

Here is everything you need to know to make a perfect day trip to bunny island including:

  • How to get to Okunoshima island from Onomichi and Hiroshima

  • Budget and what you can expect to spend for a day trip

  • What to expect when you get there

If you prefer to watch a VLOG, you can use this link to watch our entire day on our Youtube channel.

From Onimichi station

Take the JR Sanyo Line to Mihara (12 mins), change here for the JR Kure Line to Tadano-Umi station (25 mins). If you have a JR pass use this. (or will cost around ¥500)

From Hiroshima station

You can take the Shinkansen bullet train to Mihara Station which will take 50 minutes and is the quickest way to get there. Without the Shinkansen, you can take the JR Sanyo line from Hiroshima to Mihara, then change train for the JR Kure line to Tadano-Umi station - this is slower and will take around 1hr 45 but will be a lot cheaper. Use your JR pass or costs are roughly: Shinkansen - ¥3,610, Local lines - ¥1,340)

From Tadano-Umi station, the ferry terminal Tadano-Umi Port is a 5 min walk away.

  • Adult ferry cost is ¥310 each way (£2 / $3)

  • Additional ¥100 if travelling with bicycle

  • Services depart roughly every 30 - 45 minutes

  • Cash only

The cafe across the street from the port is where you can purchase tickets for the ferry to Okunoshima island. Either purchase tickets at the register, or use the ticket vending machine.

TIP ALERT: Don’t forget to purchase rabbit food from the same place you purchase your tickets (we made this mistake!) You are unable to buy rabbit food (¥200 per bag at the port) on Okunoshima island. Please make sure you only feed the bunnies rabbit food.


A short-term luggage keeping service is available for your Rabbit Island trip and costs ¥500 yen per bag / day. It is open during ferry operating hours, 365 days. a year.


It is possible to stay overnight on the island either in the hotel or at the campsite.

You can stay at the Kyukamura Ohkunoshima in a traditional Japanese style room and includes breakfast and dinner. We had lunch here and would recommend a budget of ¥1000 per meal.

The Big Mystery

How did all the bunnies get there in the first place? Well, there are a few theories about this, including a suggestion that they arrived there back in World War II to be used as test subjects, but experts say that all rabbits were euthanized and so this is unlikely.

Another rumour is that a couple brought the bunnies to the island and have since populated. No-one really knows how they got there, its the big mystery.


We recommend to take time to read the rules that are in both Japanese and English around visiting the island, what to do and what not do when it comes to the safety of the rabbits. This is includes appropriate behaviour and food that is fed to the rabbits, the rules can be found both in the shop on the mainland, on the ferry over to the island, and also on the island. This is to continue to protect the island and the rabbits.

Darker history

Okunoshima rabbit island does appear to holder a darker history as it once had an operational poison gas factory. It has now been transformed into a museum serving as a reminder of its darker years back in World War II.

The Island

The island takes around an hour to walk around, there are a few beaches to see and stop to take a dip in the sea. The water is surprisingly clearly and incredibly blue! There is a lovely nature walk at the back of the island which has great views of mainland in the distance, the steps take you down to Okunoshima hotel.

Lunch at Okunoshima Hotel

It is possible to have some food and refreshments in the hotel restaurant/cafe that offer light bites and more substantial meals. There is also a souvenir shop, unfortunately you are not able to purchase rabbit food from anywhere on the island, including the hotel, and so will need to purchase prior to arriving the rabbit island if you wish to feed the rabbits.

Total budget on island per person: ¥1,370 / $13 USD

Ferry Tickets - ¥620 return ticket

Rabbit food - ¥200 per bag

Lunch at Okunoshima hotel - ¥550 on average

Train travel - Use JR pass // or varied pending on location travelling from (see details at beginning)

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