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Accommodation feature: Live you digital dream in Hong Kong, staying at the Nate Studios

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

From city landscapes to lush green forests, a promenade of stars and delicious dim sum, Hong Kong really is one of Asia’s most interesting and diverse Country’s to visit.

To Maximise our time in Hong Kong, we wanted to stay somewhere central, that offered a comfortable space to work and convenient to hop on and off the MTR train.

During our trip we stayed with The Nate Studios @livethenate offering a truly memorable experience! Furnished and serviced studios that you can rent for short-term or longer-term in the heart of the city.

Why we LOVE the Nate Studios:

Home to 71 one-bedroom apartments with en-suite bathrooms, ranging from 90 to 250-square-feet and are aimed at 26 to 45-year-old professionals.

The service

Undeniable 5 star service, from the security to reception. The staf