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Six Reasons you should choose a Tiny Home for your Next Vacation in Australia

Have you ever thought about renting a tiny home for your next vacation? In a world of big houses and expensive apartments, the tiny home movement has gently made an appearance focusing on quality and humble living.

A move to minimalist living is emerging onto the scene where many are now looking to down size full time, whether into a tiny house, or tiny home on wheels. Could this be the next move for you?

couple staying in a tiny home experiencing a unique airbnb stay in Tilba Tilba Australia
Tiny Home in Tilba Tilba, Australia

Luckily, there are a whole host of these unique homes to try which are available to rent on the usual rental websites such as airbnb. We decided that we love tiny living so much, that we have now purchased our very own tiny home (on wheels) You can check out our bus renovation here!

Here are Six Reasons why you should try out a tiny house on your next trip!

Eco friendly

If this is an important one for you, it is worth highlighting that often tiny homes are built and sustained with this in mind. Often it is run from sustainable power such as solar energy, and often they have been built with reused materials such as reclaimed woods.

Interior of a tiny home showing inside of kitchen and bedroom in Australia
Interior of a Tiny Home - with @Tiny.away