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Six Reasons you should choose a Tiny Home for your Next Vacation in Australia

Have you ever thought about renting a tiny home for your next vacation? In a world of big houses and expensive apartments, the tiny home movement has gently made an appearance focusing on quality and humble living.

A move to minimalist living is emerging onto the scene where many are now looking to down size full time, whether into a tiny house, or tiny home on wheels. Could this be the next move for you?

couple staying in a tiny home experiencing a unique airbnb stay in Tilba Tilba Australia
Tiny Home in Tilba Tilba, Australia

Luckily, there are a whole host of these unique homes to try which are available to rent on the usual rental websites such as airbnb. We decided that we love tiny living so much, that we have now purchased our very own tiny home (on wheels) You can check out our bus renovation here!

Here are Six Reasons why you should try out a tiny house on your next trip!

Eco friendly

If this is an important one for you, it is worth highlighting that often tiny homes are built and sustained with this in mind. Often it is run from sustainable power such as solar energy, and often they have been built with reused materials such as reclaimed woods.

Interior of a tiny home showing inside of kitchen and bedroom in Australia
Interior of a Tiny Home - with @Tiny.away

Escape the city

When was the last time you took a trip, just to be in nature? It’s been proven that spending more time in nature and natural environments is just good for the soul, it can benefit health and well–being and give the opportunity to rest, particularly after a stressful week at work. We should always give ourselves that time. We have found that a lot of tiny homes are based in the Country or by the sea, both perfect locations to take time to reset.

Tiny home in Australia available to rent on airbnb unique stay
Tiny Home in Australia

Spend less

The price tag is usually lower than a bigger apartment rental (naturally) and in our experience, has never compromised on quality! We are often amazed by the design of these tiny homes, everything has it's place.

Quality time

With a smaller space, it gives the opportunity to reconnect with whoever you decide to travel with. Naturally, a smaller environment you will be closer in proximity. Not only this, but often there is not much signal giving chance to switch off and reconnect.

Couple on a vacation inside a tiny home in NSW Australia

Another type of glamping

It’s like glamping that you can have fun doing in all weathers! Whether its raining, sunshine or windy, if you want to curl up cozy with a blanket and a book you can, or enjoy a wine on the deck, you can. Tiny homes usually have some kind of desk area, fire pit, or picnic spot close by to get comfy at. It’s another way to enjoy that glamp/camp experience without the setup stress.

Camp fire and camping setup
Enjoy time around a camp fire

New experience

It is a chance to soak up a new experience. Of course we all love a five star stay, but this is something totally unique to share. A chance to enjoy the simple living and remember the important things in life, a decent glass of wine and the company you’re in!

This post is not sponsored, but we are happy to share below some Tiny Home experiences we have had around Australia that you can check out below. Let us know if you any questions about our stays and we would love to connect!

Tiny Away @Tiny.away

Tilba Lake House @Tilbalakehouse

In2 the Wild @In2thewild.aus

All photographs captured and owned by James & Alex Lock. Edited with Travel Presets.


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