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The Ultimate 7 day budget guide for Adelaide to Perth Australia road trip in a Campervan

An Adelaide to Perth road trip is one of the most incredible journeys possible in Australia, driving straight through the famous Nullarbor, one of the most baron lands in all of Australia!

Taking a road trip from Adelaide to Perth is certainly not one for the unadventurous. Driving from South Australia to Western Australia was the first taste of true outback Australia for us and it blew our minds!

Here is a summary of what we will cover:

  • Full self-drive road trip itinerary from Adelaide to Perth in a campervan

  • Driving distances between Adelaide and Perth

  • Where to stop for the night

  • How to save on motorhome costs

  • Things to do and things to see along the way

  • Total budget spent on the road trip $$

Lets get to it.. Here is a quick overview of our stops across our 3,060 km journey!

Before you go!

Before you head off on any road trip in Australia, it is really important to make sure you have everything you need to be safe. Particularly with this journey, we cover a huge expanse of barren land called the Nullarbor, where there is zero phone signal and limited petrol stations. One of the worst things that could happen is running out of petrol with no way of getting help in very high temperatures! We have written a full Road Trip Packing List that you can read here, but here are a few extra tips from us to help you plan for a journey like this:

  • If you have a petrol tank half full, ALWAYS fill up with petrol at the next station as you may not know where the next one will be. Even if you know there is another petrol station coming up, sometimes they have run out of petrol as they do not receive re-fuels as often

  • The distances between places are huge, make sure you have plenty of water and food to last you a few days in case of an emergency

  • Check you have tools and safety equipment in case of an emergency

  • Ensure you have a basic understanding of your vehicle rental before setting off, eg tyre gauges, water levels, oil etc

  • This road trip will involve long driving distances, make sure to take breaks and stretch your legs!

  • Take a good level travel insurance (if required) to cover any unexpected incidents

  • Download the campermate app, it will be your best friend for the entire journey telling you where you can stay, petrol stations close by, water taps and points of interest on the way


Adelaide to Port Augusta: 302 km / 187 miles

Time without stops: 3.5 hours

Pick up your rental vehicle for the week and head for the grocery store! We recommend stocking up on enough fresh food and drinks that will last you at least a few days.

TIP: The reason we suggest not for the entire week is because when you reach the Western Australian border you will have your vehicle inspected and have to get rid of anything fresh, they are super strict on this. This is only in relation to fresh food; packet and other food is fine.

We had a big 6 seater RV for the week as we did a relocation journey from Adelaide through to Perth using a company called Imoova. How this works is you have a set number of days to get from Point A to point B, sometimes they even contribute towards your petrol! Sometimes you can add extra days (which is what we did on this trip).

We have been to Adelaide before and so left for Port Augusta the same day, but if you have longer on your trip check out our Road trip blog just in South Australia that covers the wine regions Mclaren Vale, Barossa Valley and Clare valley within and around the Adelaide region. We stopped for a coffee at Mister's Sunshine's before making our way to Port Augusta.

Overnight spot: We pulled over just off the A1 highway in a layby. Cost: FREE


Port Augusta to Cactus beach: 565km / 349 miles

Time without stops: 5hrs 45

An early start, we set off after brekky for Cactus beach.

Now there are two ways you can get to Ceduna, this will be our first stop of the day.

  1. The way we took, staying on the A1 highway inland straight through to Ceduna

  2. If you're up for a longer drive, head straight for Port Lincoln, it is a lot more scenic down the Eyre Peninsula where you will be on the coast. If we had another day, we would have selected this option.

Things to do in Port Lincoln

  • There are many great seafood restaurants

  • Visit the Talia caves

  • Watch the sea lions sun bathe on the rocks

  • Head to Coffin Bay National park and Almonta beach for a spot of sun bathing

  • Camp at 1 of the 33 available sites along this way

Stop to fill up with gas at Ceduna, this is the last big town before starting your journey into the Nullarbor plain! Head straight for Penong and down towards Lake Macdonnell for the most sensational pink lake in South Australia!

Lake Macdonnell
Lake Macdonnell

Overnight stop: Cactus beach campsite, cost: $15 per person.

Just 15 minutes or so beyond the lake is Cactus beach where you can stop for the night. The toilets here are very clean and there is an area to wash up your plates. Cactus beach is absolutely beautiful, the campsite itself is lovely with plenty of campervan spots available.


Cactus beach to Madura: 620km / 385 miles

Time without stops: 6hrs 20

This next part of the journey will take you well and truly into the Nullarbor plain! You may want to spend longer at Cactus beach but bare in mind that you do not want to be driving the Eyre highway when it's dark. This road is well known for having lots of wildlife that are very active around dusk and dawn including kangaroos, wombats, dingoes and even camels! The distances between places in the outback are far, and the last thing you want is an accident in the middle of nowhere, with zero phone signal!

With that said, we set off with plenty of time to get to the next stop, Madura.

The Bunda Cliffs are on this leg of the route, the 90 metres sheer high cliffs are pretty awesome! There are a fair few stops to pull over and have break and check out the sights. The clifftops can be a little unstable, so take care when walking!

The Nullarbor drive is an experience in itself, it is literally the world's largest limestone plain landscape covering a whopping 200,000km! The name literally means 'No trees' as there is not a single tree in sight for miles.

You'll see signs for Border Village Road house, which is the end of South Australia and entry into Western Australia, here you'll need to ditch any fresh food.

Overnight stop: Madura Roadhouse caravan park, Cost: $25 per night. Hot shower facilities, toilet facilities.


Madura to Lucky Bay: 602 km / 374 miles

Time without stops: 6hrs 45

A big drive but oh so worth it to the incredibly stunning Lucky Bay!

Lucky Bay Beach
Lucky Bay Beach

This part of the drive includes the 90-mile straight road, be sure to stop here and get a photo next to the famous sign which is in Caiguna on the Eyre Highway.