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11 Must-have planning apps for Road Trips

A road trip would not be the same without a smartphone. They have literally revolutionized the way in which we are able to now travel both domestically and internationally. That huge paper map that my mum always used to have shoved in the back of the passenger seat seems like an ancient way to figure out a route!

Girl sat in Toyota Coaster bus motorhome

Our smartphones have made travel immeasurably easier than it has ever been before, and to be honest we are all about making travel as easy and stress-free as possible.

Here are our top 11 Road Trip apps that we use on a daily basis during our road trips with @Naiathebus. If you want to check out more about the road trip we are on in Australia you can check it out here.

Not only will these apps make your life easier on the road, but make it better, save you money and allow you to plan for the best road trip ever!

Fuel Map Australia

We will start with the one that's going to save you money. A lot of our monthly allocated budget is spent on fuel, so we use Fuel Map Australia which allows us to look ahead at where we will be heading and plan to stop at the cheapest fuel stations.

App Cost: Free


This is the first of two that we will recommend for all things road tripping. Campermate covers a whole heap of aspects including campgrounds, paid, low cost and free sites, places to stop and fill up your water, toilets, dump stations and more. It is probably one of our daily go to apps as we usually need one of these services at least once a day. There are reviews that you can always check out on there, often including pictures of what the place looks like. An extremely resourceful app that is up there in our top 3 must have apps. It works in both Australia & New Zealand.

App Cost: Free


The second of two that we recommend for general helpful information whilst on the road. Similar to Campermate, it incl