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The 23 Best Travel Movies to Watch in 2020

We are all spending a lot of time at home right now, and if you're feeling anything like us, you may need a laugh, or a reminder of the big beautiful world that is waiting for us out there

What better way to spark some travel wanderlust into our lives at home, than curling up on the sofa and binge watching some wanderlust-worthy movies! We have even told you which ones you can find on Netflix right now (Aus and Uk) - you're welcome.

In no particular order, here are some of our favourites!

Eat Pray Love - NETFLIX

A married woman, Julia Roberts realizes how unhappy she is in her marriage and the life she has built for herself. She decides to take off on a round the world trip to "find herself" for a year, starting in Italy, then India and finishing her year Bali. Travel wanderlust vibes to the max!

Crazy Rich Asians

One of our absolute favourites to spark the Asia travel wanderlust! Crazy rich Asians follows native New Yorker Rachel Chu as she travels to Singapore with her boyfriend played by Henry Golding in Singapore. Excited about visiting Asia for the first time but nervous about meeting his family, she is totally unprepared to learn that Nick has neglected to mention a few key details about his life, that he is crazy super rich! Watch out for the scene at the hawker stalls, we could almost taste and smell the delicious looking Asian dishes!