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The Ultimate Italian Road Trip - Dolomites, Tuscany & Cinque Terre

If you are looking for a two week road trip itinerary in Italy then look no further! We have compiled an extensive 14 day itinerary around the Northern part of Italy including places to visit, attractions and activities on offer, and suggestions of where to stay overnight. We did this Italian road trip and put a lot of research into how it would be best to see the sights. Travelling in a campervan around Italy can provide a lot of flexibility, and can also give the ability to change the route easily and spend more or less time at a particular place.

We have put together the Ultimate Italian road trip itinerary, that pretty much centres around the love for Italian landscapes, delicious Italian food, the historic sights and the beautiful buildings there are to visit.

Tuscany Sunset

This time frame can be entirely modified to suit how quickly or how slow you would personally like to travel, but we have given an indication into how many days we spent in each place to help give you a guide on what is possible to achieve. Don’t forget to check out our Detailed packing essentials for your road trip to help you with knowing what to pack.

You can also check out our ENTIRE Italian road trip, and what it is like to travel Italy in a campervan on Youtube here.

We had booked our last minute flights leaving London into Milan and cost 70 GBP/person including 30 kg of luggage (we were flying internationally after)

Picking a campervan

It is possible to use compare websites such as Budget Campervans that will bring up a list of campervan hire companies. We hired from Indie Campers which were relatively basic but suited our budget for what we needed.

One thing to note is it can sometimes be a little trickier to find a decent campervan parking spot in Italy, particularly near to the bigger cities. We will list every parking spot we utilised that we felt comfortable to leave our campervan for the day while went out exploring.